Disney Magic

Disney magic is everywhere these days. From the stuffed mickey to the majestic soaring height of Cinderella castle. Disney products and destinations evoke a feeling of euphoria mixed with childish anticipation. As an adult I can honestly say I have never grown out of the Disney mania. Why is that? How does an adult still hold onto the dreams of a young mermaid longing for a different life? I don’t know the exact answers to the questions but I can tell you for me it’s all about Walter Elias Disney himself. He was born on December-5-1901 the world seemed to changed that day. His dreams will never be forgotten, the man who demand perfection but was at ease while those around him strived for it. No one else in the world found the key to unlocking a child’s dreams with adults imagining right alongside them. Walt Disney is a man to be admired, loved, looked up to, a man with big dreams and a huge heart.  I look up to Walt Disney he never gave up, even in the face of adversity. He never let anyone or anything hold him back, he moved with grace, reverence, and passion for people.

 The very core of human emotions is explored in Disney movies, the raw powerful feelings of love, friendship, grief, conservation, sadness, human decency, rejection, and self-worth, the list goes on and on. Different cultures are presented in all movies Disney creates, Walt had a fondness for travel and great respect for other cultures. EPCOT embodies this fascination in world showcase. A trip around the world that meets the inner longing for travel. The famous Disney princess range from European culture to Arabic culture with many more in-between. Children learn to become enthralled in the world when they immerse themselves in all Disney has to offer. A world is out there for exploration; Disney lovers hear the call.

 When I stand in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney world I am reminded that dreams are real. Hope fills my body as I look down main street and see the wonders of old town America. Pride and patriotism are all found here. The hope of the future through invention and advancing in technology is seen in all of Disney’s boundless adventures and movies. Disney world represents life, joy, change, innocence all wrapped up in a magical package.

When I am on a vacation to Disney world my whole life seems changed. Somehow the stress melts away as the little girl in me comes out. The beauty of knowing that I am safe, protected from the outside world brings me to tears. I can escape and enter a place of love, dreams, happiness. The Disney bubble is a place of peace. The whispers of magic float all around wrapping people in a nostalgic look at the world around them. All of a sudden I am able to solve issues in my daily life, my mind clears, I let my defenses down, I become myself, masks are off. Here I am just me, no hiding behind the veil of insecurity. The freeing sense of being myself is the true magic of Disney. When I think of my happy place I often picture myself standing beside the famous statue of Walt holding Mickeys hand looking at the castle. This is the perfect complement to Disney, it all started with a man’s dream and a mouse.

I am reminded as I walk the streets of Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios of the mermaid who defied her father and found her prince. The dutiful bookworm daughter who sacrificed herself for her father, ending up falling for a man’s heart not his physical appearance. The daughter who goes to war to save her family ending up saving her country.  The feisty flame haired daughter who is brave enough to follow destiny. An old man who lost his wife but finds solace in a child. A young girl who grieves for her father as she is scrubbing the fireplace wishing for more. A raven haired beauty lost in the woods only to find seven friends. All of these are beautiful stories that touches ones’ soul. Even the new movies exploring the thought that sisterly love can overcome wicked hardship, a game character looking for more in life, a magical haired princess who fights for her identity feel like Walt touched them somehow.   

My personal love for animals comes from the passion that flows from the movies like Lion King, Finding Nemo, A Bugs life, Aristocrats, 101 Dalmatians. The characters in these movies are endearing with quirky personalities. Learning about conservation of animals and our planet is a main message around Animal Kingdom. The pure majesty of animal life is perfectly displayed for people to come to know and love the natural world around them. Can you look at a lion without seeing Simba? I know I can’t. Can you stare at a warthog without seeing a stinky Pumba capable of great compassion? Nope, I can’t either. Animals have personalities they are capable of great love; Disney nature has a phenomenal talent of showing this. Disney helps people learn of the love, amazement, and mystic of animals, animated and real.

Let’s talk characters, everyone has a favorite. Mine is the sweet lovable Dopey. Now I must say I am not saying Snow White is my favorite Disney movie. In fact, it isn’t my favorite, a girl has to have secrets right?  Dopey is a minor character but the impact he makes is huge. He is mute, no words escape his adorable self. Dopey is kind, sweet with a playful side. He may have a disability but it doesn’t stop him from Joy. That is HUGE for me, doesn’t that speak volumes for all that see him? One capable of eluding pure joy at something so simple as a kiss on the head is incredible to me. He works hard during the day, creates a little chaos in his childlike innocence. What if we all were a little more Dopey? How wonderful the world would be.

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