Disney’s All-Star Resorts

Disney’s All-Star Value Resorts

If you have booked into one of the three All-Star resorts that Disney has to offer get ready to be impressed in a purely Disney way. Larger than life characters, three story tall cowboy boots, an impressive giant jukebox, a humongous football helmet, are a few examples of the vivid decor at these three resorts. The resorts are Disney’s All-Star Movies, All-Star Music and All-Star Sports. The names of the resorts are a dead giveaway of their theme however, the detail in which Disney carries out these themes is nothing short of amazing. These three value resorts are in the section of Walt Disney World nearest Animal Kingdom. You can expect to pay between $119 and $266 per night at these whimsical value resorts. The higher price end tends to be for the priority rooms.

These resorts are often referred to as the “sister resorts” because they are close to each other, and remarkably similar in room set up. Guest staying at any of these three resorts can go between all three to use the different pools available. If your wanting to do some shopping or spend your snack credits you can do so at one of the stores within each resort. You may even be surprised to find some fantastic merchandise.

 When you are ready to head out on a Disney world adventure get ready to ride the fabulous Disney World Buses. The three All-Star resorts share the same bus line, but do not worry it is only a few extra moments at each resort then you are on your way. Head over to cinema Hall to find the bus stop for the movies resort. You will find the bus stop at the Melody Hall in the All-Star Music resort. Within the All-Star Sports resort head over to the Stadium Hall to find the bus stop. You may fret using the Disney buses but do not fear, they are very regimented in their scheduling not to mention extremely convenient. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.  Let us take a closer look at each of these extraordinary  value resorts.

Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort

 Calling all movie fans! All-Star Movie Resort is made for fans of the classics! Toy Story, The Mighty Ducks, Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians and The Love Bug are all movies highlighted withing this resort. The movies are all represented in different buildings and in Cinema Hall in this resort. Inside Cinema Hall you will check into the resort and find the bus stops to take you to the theme parks as well as Downtown Disney. The Fantasia, Toy Story with the 101 Dalmatians buildings are considered preferred room and will cost a little more. Preferred rooms are normally closer to the pool, the main building, and the bus stops. If you are looking for a quiet area for a room then ask for the Love Bug building. There seems to be overall less people in that area of the resort.

There are 1920 rooms all around 260 square feet in size, each boasting two double beds (one is more than likely a murphy bed) or one king bed. The king beds are by request only because they are within the handicap accessible rooms so priority goes to the guests with special needs. There are exactly 96 handicap accessible rooms in this resort, each with a wheelchair accessible shower instead of the standard tub/shower combo. Most of the resort has been refurbished recently. Do not expect the rooms to be overly decorated for they are not, just a comfortable space with a nod to mickey and friends. As a side note during the refurbishment, they updated the bed choices there is a queen size bed option now, and more kings available to non-special needs guests. You can expect that when the other two All-Star Resorts are refurbished, they will also include updated bed options.

 Within the room you will find a coffee maker, a refrigerator but no microwave. If you need access to a microwave fear not there is one for guest use in the food court. There is a separate area for the toilet along with the tub/ shower combo then a mirror area with a single sink is next to it.   The rooms are small compared to other Disney World resorts, but they are clean and comfortable offering what you need most in a room, a place to lay your head.

The food court is called World Premiere located in Cinema Hall. You will find delicious options for the whole family are available here. There is a bakery, grab and go selection, pizza, pasta, salads, and burgers. If you would rather stay in your room, you can order a pizza or salad to be delivered between 5pm to 1am. If you fancy an adult beverage you will not find a lounge at the All-Star resorts, but you will be able to indulge yourself at any of the pool side bars. They serve alcoholic drinks all day into the evening.

Each of the All-Star Value resorts offer two pools, a larger main pool then a smaller pool and a whirlpool. The main pool at All-Star Movies is the fantasia mickey pool. This is a brightly colored fun pool with a focal point on a Sorcerer Mickey doing what he does best manipulating water. Dive under water and what is that you hear? Under water music!!!  The smaller Duck Pond pool near the Mighty Ducks building is a place to go when you just want to be pool side relaxing.

All-Star Music Resort

Are you a big fan of music? Then a stay at the All-Star music resort is a must do for you. This larger than life resort transports you into different musical genres. The over the top humongous décor allows you to walk through a neon juke box, stare at the three-story tall cowboy boots, find a giant Broadway theatre marquee. This resort is fanciful, there are cutout silhouettes on roof tops adding to the fun of this musically inclined resort. The five types of music genres that are being highlighted are Country, Rock, Jazz, Broadway, and Calypso. Each has their own section of the resort, however most of the rooms are the same in décor.

The one difference at this resort compared to the others is the availability of family suites. These suites are ideal for a larger family on a budget or those who just want a little more room. The family suites are in the Calypso and Jazz buildings that are closest to the main building Melody Hall. There are 1604 rooms in this resort plus the 215 family suites. The main rooms are around 260sq ft in total, the family suites are 520 sq. ft. Included in the main rooms are two double beds with a small table, a micro fridge, a dresser, then a small vanity area with separate toilet area with the tub/shower combo. The family suites include a separate master bedroom (has its own tv and such), a pull-out couch & chair, two bathrooms, a small kitchenette with a microwave. If you are staying in the regular rooms and need a microwave head down to the Melody Hall to use the one there. If you are looking for a preferred room, you will be housed in either building Calypso 1 or 10 building or one of the jazz buildings 2 or 9. The preferred rooms at this resort are very convenient to get to the food court and busses.

If your starting to salivate and need food head to the Intermission Food Court. You will find pizza, grab and go, sandwiches, roasted chicken, hamburgers, kids favorite like mac and cheese with nuggets and a pasta bar. You will not go hungry staying at any of the All-Star Resorts.

There are two pool at this resort as well. The main pool is the Calypso pool shaped like a giant guitar complete with the Three Caballeros shooting water. The second pool is the smaller one it is called the Piano Pool because it is shaped like a large grand piano. Note that there are no water slides at any of these pools within the All-Star Resorts.

All-Star Sports Resort

Sports fans delight in this overly themed resort. There are five sports this resort pays homage to, football, tennis, baseball, surfing, and basketball. These themes are carried out within the ten buildings of this resort. Giant football helmets, humongous larger than life decorations on the outside of this buildings add a perfect Disney touch to this value resort. There are a total of 1920 rooms available with two double beds or a king (can be requested but priority goes to the special needs guests) spread out in the 10 buildings of this resort. The room size is the same as the other resorts 260 sq. ft. so small but doable. If your looking for the priority rooms, you will have to stay in either building 1 or 6 in the Surfing area. These rooms are closets to the main building Stadium Hall in fact they are located directly behind. A quick note about the preferred rooms, the location is spot on perfect however these rooms are notoriously noisy since there is a lot of traffic that goes between the main hall and the pools both located near buildings 1 and 6.

The rooms offer the same as the other sister resorts. There is a dresser, a small refrigerator, a table with chairs, tub/shower combo with a separate vanity area. No microwaves at this resort in the rooms either but there is one available for use in the Food court. The food court is in Stadium Hall under the perfect name End Zone. You will find the same offerings as the other two resorts here. Pasta, pizza, grab and go, kids favorites, roasted chicken, bakery, salads, enough to leave anyone with a full belly.

My Thoughts

There is something special about each individual Disney resorts and these three sister resorts are no exception to that. I feel like these resorts are perfect for a family with a younger child who are on a tight budget. The relatively fewer frills compared to other resorts on property make these ones a tad “sparse”. A couple who wants an all-around Disney immersive vacation would find these resorts suitable too even in their sparseness. Or even those individuals or families that play all day in the park’s just looking for a place to lay their heads at night will enjoy these larger than life themed resorts. A note about the bus transportation at these All-Star resorts, the buses come more frequent than some other resorts along with fewer stops on the bus routes making the bus transportation more efficient. My final takeaway is do not expect more than you pay for at these resorts (there is a reason why they are value resorts) but be prepared for a fun immersive Disney vacation when you stay.

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