Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Where else in the world can you find a hotel that celebrates Americana from the 50’s to the 90’s? Absolutely no where except Walt Disney World! You will find this at the world-famous Pop Century Resort located in the EPCOT area of WDW. Lots of people that are fans of the Value category of resorts at WDW will tell you they like Pop Century the best. There are good reasons for this. Nostalgia will come flying in as soon as you enter this larger than life resort. You will find that the resort nods to catch phrases, toys, dance crazes, and fads that had their way of sweeping across America. One of my personal favorite things to see at this resort is the humongous (we are talking like almost three stories tall) Mickey phone, just like the one I had as a kid. Little kids, big kids, kids at heart all have fallen for this simple yet wild resort.

Pop Century is a value resort so you must remember that when you are thinking of what you can expect from this resort. Value resorts offer few extras, but they are a fun comfortable place to lay your head after a long park day. You will find this resort to have 2880 rooms all of them remarkably similar, as well as newly renovated. The rooms are spread out between 10 buildings all four stories high. If you are looking for preferred rooms to be closer to the pool and the main building, get ready to pay a little more for the convenience. The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s areas are where the preferred rooms are located.

Each of the rooms in this resort are 260 square feet, just like the All-Star Resorts. Most rooms at the Pop Century have a queen bed with a pull down (murphy style) double bed. There is a separate vanity area with a sink, then a toilet, shower/tub combo bathroom. There is a fridge located in these rooms but no microwave however there is one in the food court. The room also contains a dresser along with a small table with a chair.  The room décor is simple with the main mouse, Mickey very much present. They are comfortable rooms all be it small.

Transportation at this resort is standard except for one thing, the Disney Skyliner! The exciting new way to get to certain WDW destinations. You load up in a Skyliner gondola and take off soaring to International Gateway at Epcot or fly to Hollywood studios. You can even go visit one of the other three resorts that have Skyliner access Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach, or Riviera. The gondolas are even able to accommodate guest in wheelchairs so everyone can share in the fun of the new high-flying transportation system. If your looking to stay close to Skyliners then ask to be placed in the 60’s section of the resort. To get to other WDW destinations the reliable Disney Bus System is the main form of transportation. You can find the bus depot right outside the Classic Hall main building.

Inside Classic Hall you will be able to satisfy your whole groups hunger. The Food Court has something for everyone. Featuring a bakery, grab and go, snack food, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, burgers, roasted chicken… just to name a few options. If you are looking for an adult beverage head over to the pool side bar, Petals located by the Hippie Dippy Pool.

Speaking of pools, there is no shortage at this resort. You will find not one or two but three pools. One is shaped like a huge bowling pin, then one is shaped as a large computer then lastly one is shaped like a giant flower. All these pools offer a fun relaxed environment for water play. Having multiple pools to choose from is a definite PRO when considering this resort. The pools do not get the overcrowded feeling since people can be more spread out.

Even though this resort is in the value category it is a bargain to stay here. Becoming immersed in the theme and magic of WDW makes this resort a win. If you are one that is prone to stay about the hotel more than make sure to take a nice walk around the lake. You can feel completely relaxed soaking in the views as you walk peacefully breathing the fresh air.

 You will notice that Pop Century is awfully close to the Art of Animation resort, in fact the lake is shared between the two properties. A well-known fact is that the building that is now Art of Animation was originally going to be an add on for Pop Century. The closest rooms at Art of Animation to Pop Century are the Little Mermaid rooms. Often guests that are staying in those rooms will walk to the bus depot at Pop Century since it is closer for them than one at Art of Animation. Pop Century is defiantly a recommended resort for those on a budget who still want some magic in their resort.

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