How many days for an ideal Disney world vacation?

I have been asked many times how many days are ideal for a Walt Disney World (WDW) vacation. The answer is complex because there is not a one size fits all approach to Disney vacations. When considering taking a WDW vacation the duration of your trip is one of the first things you tend to think of. In general, it is important to know there are four theme parks, two water parks and 25 hotels plus a giant shopping district Disney Springs. There is no way anyone can see everything WDW has to offer even if they stay a month. Understanding that right up front is the best. There is so much to see, to do and experience at WDW that you can go once a year for your entire life, and it would always be a different experience. Therefore, people the world over come to Disney multiple times in their lives. That in mind you know that when you go plan enough time to see what you want but remembering it may not happen that trip.

If you have a decent amount of money ($5000+) saved for vacation my recommendation is 8 days 7 nights. You can take five days to see the parks, the last park day giving you an opportunity to go back to a park you particularly enjoyed. Then those other three days one will be arrival day, so many go to experience Disney Springs, then park days in the middle, then a rest day thrown in there, finally departure day. I always recommend people get the park hopper tickets that allow you to go to multiple parks a day. In this sample schedule the park named is the park where you start the day, you can hop about as much as you like.

Day 1: Arrival day. Go to Disney Springs

Day 2: Magic Kingdom Day

Day 3: Epcot Day

Day 4: Hollywood Studios Day

Day 5: Animal Kingdom Day

Day 6: Back to park you want to see again

Day 7: Rest day/ Resort Hoping/ Swimming/ Mini Golf/ Disney Springs (any of these or combo)

Day 8: Departure Day / We like to have a nice breakfast at the resort if time allows.

If you want to do a WDW vacation more on a budget but still see each park, then plan for 5 days 4 nights. I still would suggest a park hopper ticket so you can go to multiple parks a day. Now keep in mind if you arrive early enough and have the ticket days that you want to go to a park on your arrival day that completely fine. This sample schedule you would only need a three-day park hopper ticket making it a more affordable. You can also see three out of the four nighttime shows at the parks.

Day 1: Arrival Day/ Disney Springs/ Swimming.

Day 2: Magic Kingdom Morning / Epcot Evening

Day 3: Hollywood Studios Morning / Magic Kingdom Evening

Day 4: Animal Kingdom Morning / Hollywood Studios Evening

Day 5: Departure Day

If your interest is just wanting to go to experience a weekend or an EPCOT festival then two nights is perfect. Just focus on one park then use both days to experience that park.

Now if you have the money and the energy (WDW vacations take a ton of energy) staying for two weeks, a full 14 days would be ideal. You can see each park twice or even three times, have days for just resting in between and plenty of time for Disney Springs, mini golf, swimming, and resort hopping.

Understanding what WDW has to offer along with what is most important for you to see will help you decide how long you can stay. I’m here to offer any advice and answer any questions to help tailor a WDW vacation just for you.

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